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“Bubblegum social Satire”
– Blogcritics, (Teenage Popstar Girl)

“A great take on modern pop culture with a Stepford Wives overtone.”
– Following the Nerd Radio [UK] (Teenage Popstar Girl)

“Creates a somber, shadow-cast mood before exploding in pent-up emotion…
Look for more from the promising Azarian.”
– Kam Williams, Syndicated Film Critic (Nihilistic Chick)

“It’s not easy to cram 44 years of animal misery into one nine-minute documentary, but filmmaker Daniel Azarian has done just that.”
– David Kirby, The Dodo (A Day in the Life of Lolita)

“Director Daniel Azarian paints a compelling picture of Lolita’s situation.”
– San Juan Journal, Emily Greenberg (A Day in the Life of Lolita)

“Very innovative and shows a great deal of talent.”
– Simon Young (Nihilistic Chick)

“Azarian’s style suggests Edward Hopper on acid, David Lynch with a kaleidoscope twist…
Nihilistic Chick’s dark wit lingers long after the final shot.  An iconoclastic little gem.”
– Corene Lemaitre, The Source [UK] (Nihilistic Chick)


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